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September 2017

Are you looking for a way to spice up your sport watching sessions? Mixed parlay can be one of the options and you can play it in The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies. However, don’t just try it out. Betting can be sophisticated especially for pure beginners. So, the question what is mixed parlay and what are the odds of winning? Get to know them below.

What is Mixed Parlay and What are the Odds of Winning?

  • What is Mixed Parlays?

Mixed parlay is a form of betting where players can bet for multiple choices at once (for example; winning teams in a league, top scorers, and many more). The idea here is to combine all those bets into one pay out. This may seems roundabout compared to straight bets. However, mixed parlays is more profitable than separated straight bets as there are bonuses from the combined win, especially when all of the bets win. Mixed parlays require perfection of the bets to win big, which is good for those who are looking for challenge. There are several variations of it, such as Asian Handicap and Fixed Odds.

  • What are Odds?

Odds are the ratio of the pay out money. Basically, if you win, you will get your money back plus profit (your wager money multiplied by the odds). If you lose, your money will be taken. However, mixed parlays have different rules in each sport. As an example, when the result of the game is tie in Asian Handicap, your money will be refunded. So, look out for the rules before betting. Generally, any parlay game takes all of bettors’ money when there’s a loss in a match bet or more. Be careful while placing your bets in mixed parlay.

  • How are Odds in Mixed Parlays?

Since mixed parlays focus more on team victories, the odds are also divided based on them. Here’s the list based on Las Vegas sports book:

  • Betting for 2 teams gave out 2.6/1 odds.
  • Betting for 3 teams gave out 6/1 odds.
  • Betting for 4 teams gave out 10/1 odds.
  • Betting for 5 teams gave out 20/1 odds.
  • Betting for 6 teams gave out 40/1 odds.
  • Betting for 7 teams gave out 80/1 odds.
  • Betting for 8 teams gave out 150/1 odds.

How to count your profit on each win is basically by multiplying your wager money with the odds. The ratio is read like this: each one unit you wager will come back with the odds per win. Your bank roll would have the wager money back plus the profit. Here’s an example

  • Simply speaking, betting one dollar for three teams will bring back three dollars profit. This means the payback is four dollars.
  • This works on multiplies. For example, a bettor bets for 35 dollars. This means the profit is 35 multiplied by six, which is 210.

So, what is mixed parlay and what are the odds of winning? It is not really difficult. Playing it will certainly spice up the sports game. This betting game is especially good for those who like watching multiple matches at once. Go online and try it today.

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