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October 2017

Sic Bo game is a popular betting game. It is originated from Chinese people in Chinatown around the world. Because of its popularity, now bettors can enjoy playing Sic Bo online and under a fancier name, Super Color Sic Bo. Then this game is also improved to give bettors more challenge. So, here are some ways to win Super Color Sic Bo game.

Ways to Win Super Color Sic Bo Game

  • How to Play This Game?

Sic Bo uses three of six sides of dice in the play. The game is basically the same with the original Sic Bo game, but the special things of Super Color Sic Bo are the way of placing a bet and the payouts. What bettors should do is just guessing the number of the dice that will appear.

Bettors can bet on only one dice, three dices separately, or three in total. With the lowest number is three and the highest 18, this game can be said a little bit easy-predicted. But it is not. Bettors need a bunch of luck to guess the number precisely correct.

If you still are not sure with the role on the games, you can ask the dealer. It is better to ask the dealer every detailed questions before using your money. Ask the dealer when you play the live Super Color Sic Bo game or have a chat with the dealer. It will be so beneficial.

  • Place the Bet Rightly

The most appropriate strategy is placing the bet with a low risk. This Super Color Sic Bo game is designed to give bettors such high payouts, so it is a must to place the bet boldly. This game’s bet is not only on the numbers but also in colors.

In order to get the high payouts with lower risk, bettors should try to bet boldly on three colors, two specific colors or three different colors. Those kinds of bet are really tantalizing and worth to try. If there is a little fortune, bettors can try to go double or triple that will definitely give great payouts.

  • Change the Strategy

If bettors loose, that only mean one thing. They should change their strategy in the next turn. This Super Color Sic Bo game is a dynamic game that change every time. So it is suggested to change the way of playing frequently. Just as the game, bettors should be dynamic too.

  • Stay Calm

This is the key strategy in playing Super Color Sic Bo game, stay calm. Do not let the little threats from other players at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia disturb your focus while playing. Just let the fun atmosphere comes inside your mind and it will make you calm in playing.

This is what you should do if you lose the game. Just stay calm and try again. If you need some time to calm yourself, just take it then. It is better to move aside a step and try again, rather than pushing your-in-emotional-self.

The ways to win Super Color Sic Bo game, will help bettors to get the big hit that everyone wants from this game. The key is stay calm and think carefully while playing, then other ways can be optimal used. Just try and prove it by yourself.

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