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December 2018

While betting on sports online is continuously on trend, there are popular sports online betting beliefs held by punters even by the bettors in Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site. Some of these beliefs are fact and several others are fiction. It is pretty hard to differentiate which one is fact and fiction though. Here are several popular beliefs and a little explanation on the truth.

Popular Sports Online Betting Beliefs

Popular Sports Online Betting Beliefs
Popular Sports Online Betting Beliefs

Value plays important role in online and offline betting, including on online sports betting. Theoretically, someone may win something in the long run if he put a good value of wager at the first place. In here, we can see that value is important when it comes to winning. However, it doesn’t represent everything important in betting.

When a bookmaker set some odds on certain athlete on a certain sport match in 5/1, most bettors believe this athlete has big chance of winning and there is value here. In fact, you need to hold your judgment. If this athlete has been performing so well, it is maybe a real value. If not, there is no value on that odd.

Winning Accounts are Limited by Bookies

Bookies or bookmakers are on business here. So they need to maintain their income all the time. This particular belief is actually true but it isn’t that brutal though. Bookies have the right to limit an account if they find it alarming. However, they don’t normally limit your account simply because you made a couple of winnings. If you’re caught cheating or something as dangerous, you will be limited.

The trick to avoid limitation while betting online on sports will be spreading some bets on several betting sites. It makes it looks like your betting volume is low. In addition to it, make some stupid bets sometimes to lose so you don’t seem like a smart bettor, just a lucky dude.

Online Sports Betting Takes Luck Only

Luck plays a little on many things including on online sports betting. However, it isn’t what makes you win. Many professional online sports betting take advantage on being online for building skills on this. They are known to place the right bets. It means they are right on wagers, timing, and reasons to make the wagers.

Those factors are acquired from conducted research, deep analysis, and developed strategies while making betting online. None of that is about being lucky.

Bookies Always Win

This belief isn’t myth or fiction. It is true. As you can see and observe, most online bookies manage to win consistently. How so? The reason isn’t that bookies are possible to be beaten. Bookies place the odds based on their favors of course. However, this advantage is possible to be overcome.

The key is to know what you’re doing. Put some effort before making wager and make the right wager on the right time and value. Most people don’t do this, so they think they keep losing because bookies have superpower on this.  

There are still many other popular sports online betting beliefs out there. These are the most popular ones. Learning from this explanation will help you know more. Online sports betting is something that takes effort for winning. So don’t based your wager on beliefs but on your research and analysis.

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