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September 2017

A well-known game in the casino is roulette due to its high chances of winnings offered to its player like in The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. So if you are a curious player of this casino game, you will notice that most of the casinos have American and English roulette tables.Therefore, you may wonder which kind version you will choose for your game play. If you are having doubts about it, then you must know the difference between American and English roulette before commence the play.

Know The Difference Between American and English Roulette

English and American Roulette Explained

American roulette has handsome and pretty dealers on all of their roulette games with charming accents. When it comes to roulette layout, you will find out that there is an ovular pattern of the number that represents the types of bets that are named in French. This oval is now called the racetrack that will surely excite you about their game that they will offer you. They also have rules to follow and offer you the extra green color of their slot with double zeroes.

This provides house edge of 5.26% which is significantly higher to the versions of a single 0. Regardless of its poor odds, its traditional list still has a system of double zero that refers its original form of roulette game. The popularity of this game has been adopted across Europe, UK, and US and greatly influence lots of players.

English roulette offers only one zero wheel that brings a total of 37 different types of outcomes. Because of this, it can only provide house edge of 2.7% if compared to American roulette. Aside from this, English roulette also includes an option in betting called EN PRISON that offers its players the chance to achieve the half of wager be back on odds and land the balls to zero. This will reduce the house edge to further 50/50 gambles.

This is the great difference of English roulette that makes it become a good option for that new player of casino roulette.

English roulette is not just available in the US but as well as in Great Britain that offers online roulette game. The dealers of the game have the ability to speak different American accent with a great appearance as well. Most of the players choose this kind of version since they believe that it offers lots of good benefits to all gamblers. So, no matter which country you came from, you will always receive good odds and win more wagers.

Why Learn These Differences?

But whatever the difference of American and English roulette is, both of this casino roulette options can provide great impact to its players. Thus, both versions of this roulette can ensure you to increase your chance of winning. Learning the great difference with these two roulette versions, you can easily identify which game is the best option for you that can provide great impact for your chance of winning.

In conclusion, the English roulette can be your best option than American roulette since it provides a great advantage to the players. The house edge of both versions offers a big difference from each other so you can easily identify which one is best for you. Learning the difference between one another will help you avoid placing bets at the wrong choice and at the same time avoid greedy decision since you know what the difference to the two roulette versions is.

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