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September 2017

Either you are an experienced or a beginner player, you must know the odds in sports betting. Is the sports betting odds accurate? Some people say that the accuracy of the odds is just relative but for some bettors it depends on the sports betting site like in The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia. What do you think? Maybe the answer lies in these explanation.

Is the Sports Betting Odds Accurate?

Just in case you forget what betting odds is. Let us make this clear. Have you tried betting a few pounds on your favorite football team? Then, you saw numbers. These numbers are called ‘odds’ which mean the probabilities of each possible result in an event. If you get high value of those numbers, your probability to win is less.

The Shorter the Odds, the Better

Some leading betting experts claim that odds shorter than around 2-1 is likely to be accurate. In contrast, if you place your bets at longer odds, for example 14-1 or longer than that, you will have lower winning chances. Around 5 percent of even odds would win the betting, around 33 percent of the odds of 2-1, and only 1 percent of the odds of 100-1. So, the odds are accurate when it is shorter.

Would you Bet on Heads or Tails?

You must say that heads are the best choice. Indeed. The chance of winning probably just fifty fifty, but heads are the potential payout.

Oddmakers Try to Balance on Both Sides of a Bet

Oddmakers do not mean to give any prediction of the outcome of the game while they set a point. If a team is believed to get seven points, it does not mean that the oddsmaker thinks that the team will gain seven points. The oddsmakers aim to keep the bets of both teams with the equal number.

For your information, oddsmakers try to keep the action even on both sides because they are afraid of being ‘sided’. This kind of experience happens when there are many bets placed on one side of the game. For example, if you and many other players bet on Team A to be the winner and it turns out that Team A is the winner, the bookie will lose hella lot of money. Thus, it is impossible that the odds are always accurate.

In deciding the odds, the oddmakers create a number of limitations. The first limitation is the probability implied by the odds are greater than the true probability for each possible outcome to have positive profit. The second limitation is that if the wagers of each outcome are made in ratio to the implied odds, the oddsmakers will be guaranteed a profit. Some things that are considered by the oddsmakers are home field advantage, injuries of star players, and team morale.

Is the sports betting odds accurate? The odds can be tricky in sports betting. As mentioned before, it is wise to always pay attention to your strategy. The odds cannot be always accurate. But, you can consider it accurate when the odds are short. In conclusion, the lower the odds, the greater chance of winning and lower payout.

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