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August 2017

Based on winning combinations the line on which a payout will be awarded is called a payline. The most important aspect is that a person will win only on payouts in which you have placed your bets. Let’s take an example, suppose out of 30 paylines you bet on 18 and the winning combination falls on some other line then you will not gain anything. It is essential to know how to select paylines before betting in slot games as it is an important aspect of winning a slot game in the best slot online betting site Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. Slots have become an important medium by which the bank balance of many casino players have increased but sometimes it becomes really difficult for the savvy casino players to understand the principles and technical, present in the game of casino.

How to Select paylines before Betting in Slot Games

How to Select paylines before Betting in Slot Games

How to Select paylines before Betting in Slot Games

How the paylines work

The basic rules prevailing in the game of slots are very simple. The initial step is to select the stake size and then one need to activate paylines. Paylines run across reels and they can be of various shapes. A payline for instance can be straight, simple, zigzag pattern, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Whatever may the case a winning payline will pay you only if you have registered for it or placed your bet on it. While placing bets players will often come across situations where they have to take a certain decision. Before taking a crucial decision a player must think about the future implications. The numbers of paylines you activate just add on another bet to your spin and the calculation goes in the following manner, total bet can be calculated by multiplying number of active paylines and stake.

How Select paylines before Betting

The combination of symbols across the reels is a payline and basically two types of slots are available, the classic slots generally present one to five slots and the video slots provide around five to hundred or more paylines. The numbering of payline starts with number 1. In certain cases the slot machines activate all the existing paylines by default but in most of the situations the player has to choose the number of paylines. The most important button which is the LINES button is present just below the reels and the selected lines are displayed near the button. When the button is clicked once the very first payline is selected and if the button is pressed twice then the second payline is selected and the process goes on in this manner.

Real money online slots first came into existence in the mid-1990s and initially they had just few reels and a single payline. But time has changed and today one can find animated sequences, multiple reels and up to around thousand paylines. Setting the bet size and the number of paylines one wants to play need to be selected first. Then it is essential to choose the number of coins to betted in a single payline. It is advisable to have a look for the “Maximum Bet” button. Every real money slot has an option to select this button.


This is how the world of Casino works. It is a business and in places like Las Vegas in the United States it is an industry of millions of dollars. The betting business can increase your bank balance but at the same time if you don’t take decisions thinking about the future implications then such a move can really backfire.

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