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September 2017

Sports betting plays a major role in gambling technology. Predicting a sports result and keeping a bet on the final outcome is what termed as Sports betting. In Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker the Games that can be included in the Sports Betting Category are Baseball, Boxing, Golf, Football, and etc. Sports betting is also done at elections, contests, horse racing, illegal dog fighting, etc.

Games That Can Be Included In The Sports Betting Category

Baseball – Baseball consists of two teams comprised of nine players in each team. There will be nine innings which consist of three “outs” for both the teams. There are three types of betting available in a Baseball game. They are Money Line – is a prediction of the winning team out of the two participating team, Run Line – It is similar to NFL spread betting technique, Totals – is the total runs scored in the game.

Boxing – Initially the bet number of the boxer and the bet amount is to be notified to the ticket writer. Boxing is based on Money Line. Boxing odds is nothing but a number and if there is a “-“ sign preceding the number it says that is a favorite team else if there is “+” sign, then it indicates it is an underdog team. For example, consider two boxers X, and Y respectively with Boxer number as 201, and 202 respectively. The odds for both the boxers are -260 and +220 respectively. The Odds for the Boxing game depends on $1.00. If suppose boxer X won the game, then the $26 bet will be added with $10 and results as $36 and the same rule will be applied to Boxer Y also. The Boxing Odds may be changed which depends on the game. If a draw exists between the two boxers, then the bet amount will be refunded.

Golf – It is one of the fastest growing sports betting game that is emerging in the gambling industry. A sports book will have a list of 30 or more than 30 golfers provided with various odds. For example, golfer X have 2-1 and if the user bets on golfer X an amount of $10, in turn also if he wins the tournament the player may get $20 with the bet amount of $10. So, a total of $30 will be the total playoff for the player who bets amount on the golfer X. Golf is based on Money Line betting.

Football – Tell the ticket writer, which team number you want to bet, their line (i.e) point spread, and the amount of money they bet. The Football odds may be termed as 10/11 form. This exactly means that the person who bets $11 would win $10 and as a result, $21 is returned to the player at last. The line (i.e) the point spread is always placed to the right side of the team that is favored. For example, there are two teams with team numbers 101, and 102 respectively with the teams named X and Y.  Team Y is placed with the Line of -6 then it must win 7 points to win the bet of the player. If the player bets the team X then either team X has to win the game to be a winner or either the game might end in a tie or the team X must lose the game with a point that is below 6 in order for the team X to be declared as the winner.

There are a number of sports betting game available which can be categorized as Basketball, Futures, Hockey, Horse Racing, Auto Racing, and Prepositions, etc. These different games have a different set of betting rules to compete with their opponent teams. Hope, this article explains clearly about some the types of sports betting games and the rules to be followed regarding certain types of sports betting games in detail.

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