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October 2017

Blackjack is basically a fast card game that is often regarded as a game of luck. This assumption is not wrong, although it is also not 100% true. In fact, this assumption could be the main cause blackjack players lose in the game. Here is the following list of five common mistakes by a casino player on the game Blackjack.

Believing the Blackjack is a Game of Luck

If you’ve been thinking that the Blackjack in online casinos like The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia is based on luck to win the game, it’s suggested for you to get rid of this thought. Blackjack doesn’t always rely on luck. What is the reason?

Five Common Mistakes by a Casino Player on the Game Blackjack

Opportunities for winning are not always the same from one hand to another. When removing cards from a deck, it’ll affect opportunities randomly. It is a fact that in an individual hand or even a single game session, luck can affect results. However for the long-term after the game played, the player’s ability is needed to win the game.

Not Using Basic Strategy

Blackjack isn’t a ‘guessing’ game. If you hold a 10-5 card and the dealer shows the 8 card, there is only one player who will win the game. Whether you’re playing in an elite or classic casino, or even your position is losing or winning, the right way to play is to choose the ‘Hit’ option.

To be a pro player in Blackjack, you have to perform as much as possible and make the right drama. Be confident and do the right way.

Using Progressive Betting System to Beat the House

Most of the Blackjack players use some form of progressive bets that define the size of a bet based on whether the player won or lost at the previous hand.

Well, the problem with a progressive betting system is that bet doesn’t change the edges of the house in the casino.  It’s awkward if you win the next hand at Blackjack but it doesn’t depend on what happened in the hand before. Therefore, a player who uses progressive betting system deceives himself by thinking that he has found a way to beat the edge of the house.

Playing with a Continuous Shuffling Machine (CSM) on a Blackjack Table

CSM is an automated machine that will shuffle cards randomly every round. Many casinos replace traditional automated machines to CSM to get the hand about 20% per hour. The more hand they get per hour, the harder it’s for players to win the game.

Playing 6-5 Games

Many casinos have implemented a ‘Single Deck’ game in Blackjack. In this game, players only receives 6 to 5 payouts. It’s a bad news for players as a result of 6-5 will increase the home edges by around 1.4%. So, it’s not a good decision if you still want to play this kind of game.

Make sure you have read and understand about these five common mistakes by a casino player on the game Blackjack. Don’t makes the mistakes above and this game will give you the excitement and many profits.

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