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October 2017

Baccarat game is the one of the popular games in casino. There is, at least, one table of baccarat game in every casino, both the real casino and the online one. Before you play any of baccarat game, you should learn about it first. Here are basic things you should know in baccarat game.

Basic Things You Should Know in Baccarat Game

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a betting game based on two hands, Player and Banker. Basically, players bet for either one to have certain amount of sum, with a goal getting the number nine or near it. In casinos, baccarat is known for its ‘exclusivity’. Usually the players will dress up formally to play the game like in James Bond movies. That exclusive aura originated from its history – Baccarat was firstly known as chemin de feur, a French gambling game renowned by French nobles.

Today is widely available at online casinos. An example is at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia. There you can find many new features on this game.

How to Play

As what is mentioned above, to play baccarat, gamblers have to bet in which hands have higher sum or a tie. There are several rules that will determine your victory:

The sum of the cards starts from zero to nine. Since there are two cards on each hand, the number will be decided by summing their values. Here are the pointers:

Number card from two to nine have values according to their card numbers

Aces are valued as one

Ten, Jack, Queen, and King doesn’t have any value (or zero)

The total can’t be higher than nine

When the value of the cards is summed and the result is more than nine, reduce it with ten.

Example: 7+9 = 16; 16-10 = 6 (Actual value)

Most of the time, each hand will have two cards. However, in several cases, the dealer will draw a third card.

For player’s hand, dealer will draw a card when the first two cards total values range from zero to five. If player hand has six or seven as total, the hand stands. Otherwise, dealer will not draw because eight and nine are neutral numbers.

For banker’s hand, whether the third card is drawn or not depends on what third card appears for the player hand. If banker’s first sum ranges from zero to two, dealers will automatically draw. However, starting from three, there are card range to draw. The bigger it is; the less range will be. At seven, the hand will stand and at eight or nine draw is not necessary.

Instead of betting on a side, bettors can bet for a tie. The payback is higher than others (betting for player or banker had 1:1 payout, while betting on tie resulted 8:1 or even 9:1 payout), but note that the house edge is high as well. Banker hand have 1.17%, Player have 1.38%, while Tie bets have 14.12% alone.

Those basic things you should know in baccarat game are really important, especially for the beginners. Learn and practice on how to play this game and then you can try the game for real. At the beginning, you may not get the winning money, but just be patient. You will get it when you are ready for it.

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