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October 2017

On sports betting online, when the bettors handicap games, they tend to repeat the same mistakes. Even experience bettors from The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia can forget the basics of betting, sometimes overthinking and complicate the situation. If you find yourself in this kind of situation and cannot figure out why you keep struggling to make wise wagering decisions like smart picks, maybe you are making these 5 common online sports betting handicapping mistakes.

5 Common Online Sports Betting Handicapping Mistakes

Thinking Only Strong Offense Teams Wins

Offense has a lot of points on the board, but defense keeps them at bay and on some sports, defense can also generate points. Mostly bettors only look on the strength of the offense of the team and forget the simple truth. For example in baseball, a strong pitch can shut down a strong batter. In Soccer a strong defensive line can negate even a talented player.

In short, do not forget about the defense, if you overlook it you will be sorry later. They are often overlooked, especially by new bettors.

Too Many Wrong Researched Information

It’s true that statistics are important when doing sports betting, but if you have too much nonsense information then you may lose sight of the most important parts. This happens when a stat starts to obscure the overall view of a player, or team, then that is no longer a valuable information.

Statistics can also be misleading, if you rush yourself and without considering other contributing factors. Note to always evaluate all the matchups, possible game plans and other factors. When handicapping games the key to winning a bet is to have a relevant statistical research.

Focusing on a Recent Performance

You might be surprised if an underdog team recently defeated a powerhouse. However, this does not mean that the same outcome will occur next time. Nobody can predict an outcome of the next game, an underdog win on one game cannot be repeated on another.

The only possible way of a favored team losing will be player’s injuries or coaching adjustments. If the coaching staff is messing up with the lineup of a team, then that team might be most likely to lose. Even though, still consider some factors like a team that has lost a few games does not mean that they are guaranteed to lose the next match.

Forgetting About the Management

Coaches that manage the teams plays an important role in any kind of sport. Consider evaluating them when handicapping games. There are some times that coach or managers is the difference that separates two teams where their talent is evenly matched.

Not Considering the Best Team

When you are handicapping a game, you must give consideration to the best team. If the team is the favorite, it does not guarantee that they will win but still will give a higher winning odds than the opposite team.


In handicapping any game, it is wise to stick to your own perspective. You cannot make things the way you want on a game, you so can only do your best to follow your own instinct together with the statistics that you have. These are the 5 common online sports betting handicapping mistakes, hope your next wager you don’t make these.

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